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  Influencing Matters!™  

In today's complex, project-oriented work environments, employees have become more interdependent than ever across departmental and functional lines. Successful managers must be able to build collaborative relationships with the people they rely on to perform their jobs.


Influencing can be defined as a type of communication practiced with the intent of getting something done through another person or group, without using force or formal authority. In some ways, influencing is a form of negotiation.


In this workshop, participants learn how to build collaborative relationships with others within their spheres of influence. By learning to use several different influencing styles, the participants gain the ability to recognize and use the most appropriate style with each individual. This enables the participant to more effectively exert his or her influence.


Participants then learn about the different sources of personal power, how to expand their own power base and how to deal with organizational resistance issues. Participants walk away with a multi-step process for conducting influencing conversations. The process includes establishing rapport, defining the situation, exploring alternatives, reaching and confirming agreement, and following through.


At the end of this workshop, participants leave with skill sets that enable them to get things done faster, with fewer hassles, and without the confrontations so common in today’s workplace.

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