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What does a typical day look like for most busy executives? Staff meeting at 9:00. Task force meeting at 10:30. Project team meeting at 12:00. No wonder there's no time to get work done!


Research shows that the average US executive spends 23 hours a week in meetings. These same executives estimate that 44% of those hours are a waste of time. What does that lost time cost an organization? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the annual loss to business from unnecessary meetings at $37 billion. Yet meetings are an important and necessary part of organizational life. What can a company do to reclaim some of that wasted time?

Our consultants can show your organization how to maximize the effectiveness of their meetings while minimizing the time spent. We start by diagnosing your organization's meeting problems. We then show you how to create a corporate culture that values meetings that are planned, productive and lead to positive outcomes. Our team can also teach your employees the skills for effective meeting management and participation.
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